Why “Montana East”?

 Prior to buying these 60 acres, my wife and I were considering relocating to somewhere out west.  We searched for property on the western slope of Colorado, North Central Wyoming, and Southwest Montana.  We were seriously considering making the move and had our eyes on Southwest Montana, but we eventually determined Montana winters were just too harsh and decided to stay in the Southeast.

 We had our set criteria for property and knew what we were looking for. When this property in Talking Rock became available it met all our criteria: privacy but not far from amenities (especially a hospital should we need it), at least 25 acres with established level to rolling pasture, and – very important to us – a year-round creek accessible by our horses.

Our love of the West influenced the improvements we made when we built our farm (or ranch as they say in Montana) on this land: the entrance, the rustic fencing, the look of the structure and the décor in the living quarters and barn.  It gave us the sense of being in Montana.  Montana in the east. Or simply “Montana East”.

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